We have been in business of Information Technology since the advent of computers, and we have developed a keen sense of what makes for an outstanding IT Service. We understand that good IT Service is not only the ability to quickly and effectively solve complex technical problems or develop a sound solutions, but rather it is an ability to create a technology infrastructure, methods and policies that would allow for continuous business operation despite occasional failures of technology.
The key as we see it is to try to understand the big picture of a business and in parallel with addressing emerging needs and problems provide a strategy for development of stable IT infrastructure and proactive forward looking solutions.

In addition, we at Senticom have developed a set of criteria by which we gauge the quality of IT service and technical expertise of IT Professionals. By setting our unique standards for IT professionals, we are able to achieve high level of professional expertise.

That translates to our clients into the following:
  • - High quality of services
  • - Dedication to the interests and satisfaction of clients
  • - Unprecedented level of Technical Expertise
  • - Integrity of Senticom personnel.
  • - Detailed technical documentation and skilled reporting.
  • - Instant access to engineer grade knowledge and solutions

References available upon request.